Domestic cleaning is allowed to continue in all tiers, including tier 4.

Current situation:

All postcodes covered by Top Banana Cleaning Ltd are in National Lockdown. The updated information regarding this can be found here.

In the ‘Going to work’ section it states: “Where it is necessary for you to work in other people’s homes – for example, for nannies, cleaners or tradespeople – you can do so.”

Furthermore the specific guidance for people working in, visiting or delivering to other people’s homes that can be found here, names in home workers such as cleaners on the list of roles covered by the guidance. This states that you can continue to work in people’s homes under all local alert levels.

We have had a safe working protocol in place since May 2020.   The measures identified there remain relevant to this situation, and it is imperative that all cleaners and clients continue to follow the measures stipulated.

As has always been our position there is no pressure for any cleaner to work if they do not feel able to do so, and there is no pressure for any client to have a cleaner in their home if they do not feel comfortable with this.     We will continue to keep in regular contact with all cleaners to establish if they are comfortable to continue working through November and communicate with all clients to confirm any changes to schedules as efficiently as possible.     We will monitor all guidance coming from the Government for any updates and ensure we act promptly if the situation changes.

Continued support:

  • Top Banana Cleaning takes the welfare of our team of cleaners and our clients very seriously
  • We are monitoring the safety guidance coming from the Government
  • We consult with our cleaning team and clients to gather their views
  • We have used the safety guidance to create a safe working protocol
  • We have created our risk assessment based on the guidance available on 01/11/20 and will update it as necessary further to any changes to government advice.
  • We welcome feedback and suggestions at any time via