We are now working with our cleaners and clients to restart cleaning operations.

Current situation:

As of the 11th May, the Government have released guidance that specifically states that home cleaning can continue, alongside other in-home services including childcare. This document, can be found in full here.

The guidance seems to adopt a common-sense approach that in the most part should be straightforward to adopt. To ensure the safety of everyone I will be asking for all cleaners and clients to agree to new protocols for the foreseeable future.

With immediate effect we will be working to recommence our cleaning schedules. Clearly the most straight forward route forward would be for everyone to return to the schedules they had before, however with many variables in the mix that I feel it is best to work on a job by job base to reset the schedules. We will all want to be sure that we take all necessary precautions to ensure that we do not put each other at risk.

Our first step is to contact all team members to ascertain availability. Once I know what the situation is for each cleaner we will contact clients Individually to confirm if they would like their cleaner to return and if so what arrangements will be most suitable. Clearly we will need to give consideration for a number of new variables including and not limited to: schools still being closed; clients working from home; changes in financial circumstances; possibility of creating a physical distance between cleaner and clients while working and protection for those who are shielding. 

We are not taking on new clients at present until we have organised the scheduling of our existing clients and know more about the capacity we have.  If you are a new client and would like to go on our new waiting list, please complete a book a cleaner form and we will look forward to working with you when we know more about what capacity we have.

Continued support:

Whilst I am keen for us to reach a point where it is safe for everyone on our team to return fully to work,  I take the welfare of our team and our clients very seriously and want to manage this transition back carefully.    I know some of you will be eager to have your cleaner return as soon as possible, others will want to exercise caution, and some may decide to put us on hold for longer.    If a cleaner is not ready to return to work or as a client you are not ready to have a cleaner enter your home yet, there is no pressure from us to move faster than you are able to do so.   When the time is right, I will work individually with every client to provide the most suitable solution and exercise the same level of care and dedication that you have come to expect from us all at Top Banana.

I will continue to post videos on the Top Banana Cleaning and Top Banana Learning Facebook pages, and remain at your disposal if I can connect you with any local services or organisations. 

For now, please continue to keep in touch, stay well and I will see you again when it is safe to do so.